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If you are the class/spec we need and have the experience and patience to join a raiding guild, feel free to go over to our forums and fill in an application form. If your class/spec is not on the sheet, then don't worry. Feel free to send in an application on our forums, we're always looking for ex
Welcome to Rex Immortalis

Introduction and Progression

Rex Immortalis is a fairly new semi-hardcore guild that's recruiting raid-ready members to continue progress through Cataclysm raids! All of our members are experienced and friendly, and we're progressing nicely through the raids so far. So far we've 5/6 in BWD,1/2 in Throne of the Four Winds Al'akir 19%. 4/5 in Bastion of Twilight.

Recruiting Status

For our first 10 man team we are currently in need of:
A healer
Hunter, Ele or Enh shaman both are welcome.

Exceptional players will always be considered!

Loot System

We operate under the EPGP system, which takes into account raid activity, performance and attendance. If you accept a calendar raid event, we expect you to turn up to it. You will be penalised and lose EPGP points if we are not told of your absence in advance.
The EPGP system is a fair system that will ensure you get the gear you deserve when raiding


We expect you to bring a level head with you to raids. Wipes happen.
Reading up on tactics in advance and putting your full focus into a raid is of a higher importance! We expect this from all members, with no exceptions.
We do also expect you to have flasks, foodbuffs and be repaired before entering a raid and have a good understanding the class that you play and the specc you have chosen to play with.

Ventrilo is a must, and a mic is optional, but obviously we would prefer if you had one. We don't bite!

We ask that you have a 345+ iLvl so we can ensure you are able to raid. We do help you gear by running HCs where we can, but we would much rather you were ready to raid.

Have fun! We're a fun bunch to raid with and we expect you to have a good time while you're raiding with us!

Raid Times (Realm time)

Wednesday 19.30-23.00
Thursday 19.30-23.00
Sunday 19.30-23.00

We often add more raid days out of schedule if requested by the Guild

We expect you to turn up to the majority of raids for the full duration. We allow for the fact that people have real life matters to tend to from time to time, but you will be penalised for not telling us in advance

 Submit an app and we'll consider you for our raid team! Alternatively, whisper Dkrootch, Skíwi, Líghtstorm, Valaras in game for more information

We hope to be raiding with you soon!

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

<Rex Immortalis>

Guild News
Other Guild News

About performance...

Líghtstorm, Apr 7, 11 7:29 AM.
Dear members of Rex Immortalis,

As last nights raid in my personal opinion went horrible, I would like to speak to each & every one of you here.

Guild progression is not looking that great as we are stuck on 9/12, we desperatly need to get down Al'Akir & Cho'Gall. The way it's looking now, judging by performance of the last raid... This doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon. Ok yes we've had our setbacks lately, members with a lot of PC/DC issues, core members quitting due to real life issues & all other sortst of reason that have pushed us into recruiting a lot of new members, including a couple of persons that are a bit newer to raiding, don't have that great gear yet.

However this does NOT by any chance mean you are allowed to slack, as I would like to ask each & every one of you to step up your performance a LOT & be prepared for the upcoming raids, as we should be getting some heavy progress in the upcoming raids, in order for our guild to keep competing for a decent ranked progression spot on this realm.

Therefore I would like to ask all of you, from trial to the members of management, to step up your raid performance, get the gear upgrades that you could use from HC's/Faction reputation/Justice & Valor points/etc... Read up on tactics for ALL of the fights you don't know properly, be prepared with appropriate foodbuffs & flasks (with that I mean no +30 stat food but +90 stat food & appropriate lvl85 raid flasks & no elixirs) & be fully repaired & ready.

Give yourself to a full 150% during raids, as we really need to start progressing in order to maintain our position as a raiding guild & our future existence.

We are the Warriors of Warriors, we are the Lords of Lords & the Kings of Kings!

- United we Stand - Divided We Fall -
<Rex Immortalis>

Updates on Kills ^^

Líghtstorm, Feb 19, 11 9:15 AM.
Hey guys, I have found time to update the progress together with some nice screenshots from the previous kills!

Our progress is looking good now, more to go down soon!
Magmaw - Down
Omnotron Defense System - Down
Maloriak - Down
Atremedes - Down
Only Chimaeron & Nefarian left

Here's the screenshot of our Conclave of Wind kill a while back (soz for the slacks ^^)

Following with our Toxitron kill:

Here's our Maloriak kill:

Last but not least, Atremedes kill:

More updates will follow soon :)

Conclave & Omnitron Defense System

Eimia, Feb 11, 11 8:16 PM.
It's been awhile since I updated the site with some info about our kills specially with pictures.

So far we have killed Conclave of the four winds, Magmaw, Omnitron Defense System and of course Argaloth. Maloriak went to 17% last kill, hes going down pretty soon!

I will update with 2 pictures later on.


Magmaw Down - BWD progress!

GMHezz, Jan 30, 11 4:52 PM.
After a long night of struggling on Wednesday night, we went back into BWD on Thursday with spirits high and nuked down Magmaw. Great job guys!

First Raid Kill!

Líghtstorm, Jan 21, 11 3:19 PM.
Rex Immortalis

20/1-2011 Baradin Hold 


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